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A MacOS Program for rotating user specified 3D points and lines in real time with stereo viewing options.

Input is any text file with lines of 3D cordinates and a code specifying the color and action.

Versions are available for all Mac platforms dating back to Mac OS 9 on 68K.

Coming Soon

A completely rewritten version in SwiftUI using metal (pretty and fast)

For the adventurous

Rotater Files


Historical Versions

68K/FPU/PPC/Mac OS 9/Mac OS X/Intel versions

Source code of 5.3 is on github at

Extended Versions

I have done some custom versions of Rotater for people and for
fun that others may have a use for. These versions are incomplete
to various degrees and are not supported. They are all Mac OS 9 programs.

Odd Versions (PPC):


If you are looking for a quick and dirty DXF to Rotater Converter (19k) look no further (Mac OS 9 application).

Other Conversion and Generation Utilities sent in by people are available here too.

DOS/Windows Version

Marijke van Gans made a DOS version of Rotater some time ago. Details could be found at: but it appears to have disappeared. This is what the site looked like.

There seems to be a copy at:

Here is a local copy of the file from there.

Craig Kloeden

13 April 2023