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A macOS application for rotating user specified 3D points and lines in real time with stereo viewing options.

Versions are available for all Mac platforms dating back to Mac OS 9 on 68K.

Current Version

A completely rewritten version in SwiftUI using metal (pretty and fast)

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Rotater Files


Historical Versions

68K/FPU/PPC/Mac OS 9/Mac OS X/Intel versions

On recent versions of macOS you may need to right click on the Rotater App and select "Open" to run it for the first time. You may need to do this twice.

Source code of 5.3 is on github at

Extended Versions

I have done some custom versions of Rotater for people and for
fun that others may have a use for. These versions are incomplete
to various degrees and are not supported. They are all Mac OS 9 programs.

Odd Versions (PPC):


If you are looking for a quick and dirty DXF to Rotater Converter (19k) look no further (Mac OS 9 application).

Other Conversion and Generation Utilities sent in by people are available here too.

DOS/Windows Version

Marijke van Gans made a DOS version of Rotater some time ago. Details could be found at: but it appears to have disappeared. This is what the site looked like.

There seems to be a copy at: research/graphics/Rotater/

Here is a local copy of the file from there.

Craig Kloeden

13 August 2023